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As the Head of HR for Hind Management and Sudima Hotels, I've experienced firsthand how BRAVEday's support has made a profound difference for our team.  During times of grief, as we supported employees dealing with the loss, Tania, Dean and the team at BRAVEday provided not just financial assistance but also compassionate grounds.

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Dean, Tania, and the team at BRAVEday have been providing insurance advice to me for well over 10 years now. Authenticity is a word that I use to describe my experience of being a client of BRAVEday and I have always appreciated Dean and Tania’s sage advice and their humanistic approach to their client relationships. Dealing with BRAVEday is a little special. From the little touches of generosity when you join as a new client to their proactiveness at policy renewal time, you feel they are there for you when you need them the most.

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Even when you have cover in place, you always hope you won’t need to make the call to your adviser with bad news, but we have had to on multiple occasions recently. 

Dean and the team at BRAVEday have been our personal insurance brokers for over fifteen years. Over the course of time, they have always provided relevant advice for our circumstances at the time, adjusting things as needed. 

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I cannot recommend Tania, Dean, and the team at BRAVEday enough.

Once I started full time work in my 20's, I met with Dean to discuss my insurance needs. He comprehensively broke down the best insurance types and policy options for myself and my partner and explained everything so thoroughly. This was brilliant because once my policies were in place, I knew what I was paying for and had a great understanding of my insurance. 

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What we’ve learned from our recent claim experience is that it’s one thing having insurance, but another thing having the right people on your side when you have to make a claim.

It says on BRAVEday’s website ‘We fight for you at claim time’ and this is literally what Dean and Tania did. The insurers initially declined to pay our claim in full, but BRAVEday swung into action without us even having to know about it. They were able to get into the room with the insurers and convince them to reverse their decision and pay out our full claim. This is something we’d never have been able to make happen by ourselves, let alone at a time of stress and uncertainty.

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When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer there was immediately a lot to be concerned about.  I was relatively young to have this type of cancer and it was quite unexpected.  

I didn't know how advanced it was or what the eventual consequences would turn out to be.  It was a worrying time for myself and my family.  It was reassuring to know that several years earlier Dean from BRAVEday had recommended a range of insurance cover that meant that my family and I were well insulated financially regardless of the outcome.

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I have been a BRAVEday client for well over a decade now and they have always been there for me to answer questions, make suggestions and generally ensure that my best interests are being cared for in terms of my insurance.  The recommendations that I received from Dean when I first set up my insurance policies were excellent and completely tailored to my needs.  Tania has been an absolute life saver on many occasions (I am not very good at keeping track of the insurance I have…).  

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I’m 49 years old and worked for Life and Health Insurers for my entire career. 

I met Dean and Tania over 15 years ago, not long after I’d become sick with a rare and debilitating illness. After I’d come to terms with my illness, it was clear to me that it wasn’t something that would let me go, or that I would ever recover from.

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It probably goes without saying that a cancer diagnosis is a big shock. And even though you know you have insurance to cushion the blow of shocking moments like these, you really hope you won't need it! But knowing you are covered in a crisis can bring you true peace of mind - and that's exactly what Tania and the team at Braveday did when they learned of my diagnosis. They let me know that they were there for us and treated our wee family with true kindness and compassion - and amazing efficiency! We are truly grateful.

I never in my life imagined I’d be diagnosed with breast cancer, but when I received my diagnosis in January 2022, Dean and Tania at BraveDay were a godsend. Not only was everything sorted quickly and easily, so I could choose the best possible private care, but they were caring, concerned, and had given excellent advice that meant that I could focus on my treatment and getting well. They lived up to their promise and definitely stepped in at claim time - I’m grateful for their care and support, and that I had the good sense to choose them as my insurance providers.

20 years ago during a loan application, my bank encouraged me to take out a Life and income Protection Policy for myself and my partner. Despite the bank being remunerated for the last 20 years, the only contact I have ever had was an annual notification of an increase in premium.

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Like most people I viewed insurance premiums as a grudge purchase and had a preconceived belief that they would do all they could not to pay out when needed.  The true test of any insurance agreement is at claim time and my experience has been awesome, proving me wrong. 

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Three and a half years ago the worst thing so far in my life happened to me - I was diagnosed with cancer. It all happened so quickly - I found a lump in my breast and got anxious about it. The next day I was at my doctors and right after the examination he told me to prepare for a hard road ahead. Single and in my mid to late 40s, he told me to visit my parents on the way home instead of going back to work. He had already reached out for a specialist referral for the next day. The following week was full of tests and biopsies, negative results that my specialist / surgeon did not believe and then the confirmation that yes it was cancer. (Funny how in other situations positive is good and negative is bad!) 

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“Speed…professionalism and real empathy 100% of the time…”  I needed to activate my income protection insurance at a time of great personal distress and trauma. Braveday took the lead straight away and processed the claim with my insurance company in record time. Having a broker sit between you and what are ultimately faceless global corporates with no personal touch is the only way to go!  

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We have been clients of Dean, Tania and the team at Braveday for many years, and in that time we have received excellent personalised advice and proactive and efficient service. As our situation has changed we have been able to adapt our cover easily based on Dean’s suggestions and experience. At claim time the team made the process incredibly easy, worked very hard on our behalf and achieved a very positive outcome for us.

Dear Tania, I want to thank you personally and your team at Brave Day for the thoughtful and helpful service you gave me when my husband passed away recently.

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I am confident that, should a tragedy occur, the staff at BRAVEday would respond with genuine warmth and empathy. I also believe that the financial side of things would be sorted promptly and with no fuss. 

I have been with BRAVEday for many years now, they always give me good advice. I have an older policy with them and each year they give me advice on what to do. They also keep me informed with what is happening in their world as far as insurance is concerned. Great people, great company. 

Dean and Tania’s team are always prompt and proactive in their responses and also at reminding me when updates etc need to be made to my policy. The service always has a personal touch as well. Our most valuable experience was the initial and secondary consult with Dean... he was very clear at explaining the best/worthwhile policies for our family that gave us best cover for our situation without overselling. We would recommend this team to anyone looking to take out personal insurance ! They are actually the best around!

We have had excellent service from BRAVEday, never feel "over sold" to and they have been extremely helpful the one time we have had to make a claim.  I have no hesitation in recommending them for both life insurance and general insurance.

As I have been with BRAVEday for many years, Dean and his team have looked after me and my policy very well and they have given me good advice when things have changed for me, BRAVEday will go the extra mile for you.

I got my car back and I am very happy with the job done, thanks. Thanks for your help and service.

The team at BRAVEday are fantastic. From looking after my companies insurance through to looking after my personal requirements. Kane and Dean are always willing to go the extra mile and provide solutions that suit.

The team at BRAVEday have provided outstanding service over many years. When I have needed to make a claim for health reasons they were supportive and caring and took all the worry out of the process. On top of great service they now offer an even wider range of services. I highly recommend them for honesty integrity and thorough knowledge of their products and services.

BRAVEday having been looking after my health, content and business insurance for several years. I can honestly say that the service and advice has been extremely professional. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone.

BRAVEday obtained an extension to our life cover even though there were circumstances that a claim would be made in the future. They understood the details in the policy, liaised with the underwriter and were able to proceed with a significant increase in our cover.

After chatting with Dean we realized we had been paying for insurance products we didn’t understand, and we didn’t have the insurance products we thought we did have. Dean straightened a lot of this out for us, and even came back with more favorable premiums.

I'm extremely grateful to Dean and the team at Braveday who have proactively looked after myself and my husband in our health, life and trauma insurance. We never think it can happen to us, but when it does, as it did in my case with a melanoma diagnosis, I was very fortunate to have my trauma cover in place.

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Brave day gave me friendly and prompt service.

BRAVEday have an excellent level of service - they are always available and understand the needs of the client.  Very happy that they are our brokers.

We have dealt with Dean and his team for 8 years now and in that time, while thankfully we haven't had to raise a claim - they have taken the trouble to keep in touch with us every year, review our needs and be flexible enough to come up with solutions that cater to the changes in our financial and life circumstances.

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The whole BRAVEday Team always go the extra mile and nothing is ever a problem.  Their attention to claims has always been supportive and constructive at a time of stress and anxiousness for the claimant.

I trust Dean and Tania wholeheartedly with something as important as this.  I know they will take care of any situation that arises needing a claim - especially if its worst case scenario.

Great people to deal with and know the market.

Our dealings with Dean and his team at Braveday have been nothing short of entirely professional and extremely thorough for all our business and personal insurance requirements.

These guys know their products, they know the market and they work to deliver the best solutions to individual needs.

I thought for many years that the cost of health and life insurance was high. Particularly medical.  I'd carp when the bill appeared every month and it felt like money wasted. I'm sure we've all felt like that.

Dean Young was recommended to us and his BRAVEday team helped us rationalize all the insurances for our family.

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BRAVEday do what they say they will do with their customer receiving great service with no problems.

Kane Butler was the account manager for our family owned and operated business over a number of years at our previous insurance provider prior to him becoming a Principal Broker at BRAVEday.

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I got lengthy personal life insurance advice from Dean the next day and went through the policy together. It made me think back to when we initially signed up with BRAVEday. We had been on a personal life insurance policy with our bank, which we had thought was a comprehensive policy. But after an initial review it quickly became crystal clear that, not only was our policy hugely expensive, but it also didn't cover us appropriately as a family with a business and young children.

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I am pleased with the efficiency and customer service delivered by the team at BRAVEday. Everyone has been pleasant and helpful. I feel comfortable that my insurance need is being managed by a great team. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends . Thanks

That would never happen to me......

There I was 63 years old, still enjoying working, great health, beautiful grandchildren, good times travelling both overseas and in New Zealand...what could possibly go wrong?

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Thanks for the confirmation - we really appreciate it.  The whole service from BRAVEday has been absolutely fantastic - Steve in particular has been great so please pass on our thanks again to him and to the team.  We'll certainly be recommending you to friends and family.

What an awesome surprise to come home to yesterday - a Tahitian Lime on our doorstep!  This is a perfect addition to our garden and we really appreciate it.

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I have to say I 100% agree with your client testimonials. Dean was great to deal with, explained everything well. You are a company that I highly recommend to friends and colleagues.

Just a quick note to express my thanks for your input over the conference, but especially for the excellent session that you personally delivered to the attendees.

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It is close to 10 years ago a young Dean came to our home in Auckland and talked to us about Life Insurance. We took the insurance... thankfully and watched as Dean left the company he was with and became his own boss.

From there who could have guessed that insurance would be so desperately needed.

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"I did not comprehend my surroundings nor recognise my own pyjamas. I was however awed by the stunning arrangement of flowers delivered to my hospital bed. They were an unexpected gift from Tania and Dean.

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I purchased a home recently and discovered to my dismay that besides the mortgage, there were going to be numerous insurance policies to pay for in addition to my existing ones.  Whilst receiving the mandatory legal advice involved in such a purchase I was directed to Brave Day for the application and management of these additional policies.

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Three weeks before my baby was due back in September, my husband and I were both working full time. My husband had been sick with the flu for a couple of weeks. We thought he'd recovered from the flu, then one day he woke up with headaches that weren't going away.

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What would it take for you to enthusiastically refer your friends, clients or colleagues to us?

"I would tell them how effortlessly and extremely quickly Steven and the Team rose to the occasion and organised our life insurance cover

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Thank you both so much for our lovely portrait voucher. What a lovely idea.

Very kind of you and we were so surprised. On top of that, it's always such a pleasure dealing with anyone from your company. We feel very well supported and you always handle things so efficiently. It's much appreciated.

Dean's service has always been professional, warm and friendly. His advice without a doubt is always in the best interest of the client. He explains things in layman's terms which is refreshing. He and his team are a pleasure to deal with and we would have no hesitation in recommending BRAVEday.

BRAVEday have provided us with an excellent, professional and personal experience covering all of our insurance needs. They have already demonstrated that they are experts in what they do and we feel confident that we would be well looked after, especially during claim time.

I always find it so hard to even think about making a claim, but whenever I have dealt with BRAVEday, even when I have a new person that has taken over that part of the job, it has always been simple and so straight forward to sort out, and gives one great direction in what to do when making a claim.  It has always been brilliant to make a claim.

"Meeting Dean at  BRAVEday was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Dean wisely recommended taking out trauma insurance and, as a healthy 40 year old, I didn't imagine for a moment I would be using it for decades to come. Little did I know that I would be facing renal cancer within five years and off work for 8 months.

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Gareth mooreWhen your backs up against the wall, that's when you thank all your lucky stars that you met Dean Young!

I met Dean in 2009 on a business challenge.  Such a good guy, and spoke through my insurance needs in a way that made sense and never complicated anything - then I got on the with job of running my business.

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One of the biggest surprises was when I was told that I qualified for my Trauma policy payment. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life. Sovereign insurance have been wonderful all the way.  My trauma payment has bought me time, security and choices that I would not have had before. It has taken a lot of financial stress from my life.

BRAVEday was brilliant in guiding me through the insurance policies available when I first met with them years ago.

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"I can't thank you enough for the persistent work you put in to getting my recent Sovereign medical insurance and AMP trauma claims paid.

After an initial phone call to Tania to discuss my melanoma diagnosis you covered off all the paperwork needed to submit the trauma claim

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We've just received our beautiful wee Kowhai tree via courier this morning - thanks so much!

Once again we're amazed at your brilliant way of creating and maintaining great relationships. This is backed up by your warm, efficient, patient and professional service.

So thanks again - and we wish you all a fantastic day.

"I am pleased to say that Dean and his team dispel all myths about insurance agents. There were no white shoes on display and you could almost say they  made insurance sound exciting! We didn't get a 'hard sell' - what we did get was useful information about what products were available and an offer to follow up individually if that was of interest to anyone.

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It has been refreshing dealing with Dean and Tania from BRAVEday.  I first purchased Medical, Income Protection & Life insurance in 1994 from another insurance broker.  For 14yrs I never had any contact, let alone received any service from him.

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"I have dealt directly with many insurers, and several insurance brokers, over the years and feel well qualified when I say Dean, Tania, and the whole Team at BRAVEday have always made insurance an easy undertaking for me and my family, right throughout the entire process.

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Since finalizing my insurances with BRAVEday, the follow-up has been great.  It is nice to work with a company that clearly values their clients and has a long term focus on building relationships.  I will continue to recommend BRAVEday to any friends or colleagues looking for insurance.

"I would like to commend BRAVEday for its excellent insurance advice & claims service. In 2004 I had a major Trauma claim which was handled by BRAVEday. The service I received was excellent. I was kept well informed during the whole process.

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Thanks Dean, we're highly impressed with your approach and the way in which you have helped us understand what we need from insurance.  Will definitely recommend your services if we hear of a requirement from any close friends.

"We feel very thankful for what you did for us.  Rewi's illness came as quite a shock to us all nevertheless it has also made us think about our future and what is really important to us.

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We have found Dean's style to be very refreshing and informative. He listens to our needs and his recommendations have been clear and practical. I would have no hesitation in recommending BRAVEday to any of my personal or business colleagues.

Working with BRAVEday has given us peace of mind in both our business and personal lives, meaning we can get on with what we do well. Regular reviews of our insurance structure means we have cover in place for our current needs.

BRAVEday service is excellent and caring.

I have known Dean Young for a number of years in a private capacity before I changed my insurance over. I believe his ability to explain the right options and the considered cover to my wife and my requirements at my time of life is why I went with BRAVEday.  This company keeps in touch regularly just doesn't take your money and forget you.

I just want to thank Marcia and the team at Brave Day - they have helped us so much over the years but last week they were amazing. Molly, my daughter is Type 1 Diabetic and with the help of Brave Day and Sovereign Insurance she now has funding for the latest Continuous Glucose Metre. This will be life changing for her and we cannot thank them enough for all your help

Dean and Tania provided clear and practical advice at our initial consultation.  We felt we were well informed with comprehensive information when we proceeded with our policy. Since joining BRAVEday I have had one minor claim that was a very simple process via the very helpful Jo! Thanks all around BRAVEday!

"At a point in time when I had become disillusioned with an insurance brokerage I had been dealing with for a number of years, I just happened to read an article about BRAVEday. After just one phone call everything was put in place to switch to BRAVEday. I was pleasantly surprised how easy they made it.

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It's rare to find a company that delivers on its promises so well. From policy advice, back office processes to claim time BRAVEday have consistently impressed.

Having just moved my insurance to BRAVEday, I have to make comment that Dean, Tania and the team at BRAVEday are fantastic. The service and explanations received were very professional but the best part of the transaction has been the enduring knowledge that Dean and Tania have my back completely when it comes to any issue relating to my insurance. You people are a blessing.

Working with the Brave Day team to understand my insurance needs was a really positive experience. I felt understood, supported and under no pressure.

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Thanks Dean, great service, thank you.

Brad and I have been really pleased with the level of service and care we have received from BRAVEday since joining especially compared with the annual renewal notice and totally uninformed advice we received from our previous personal insurer and we look forward to a long relationship with you.

"Whether I went through the claim or not, I would always recommend BRAVEday to my friends. When I came to New Zealand eight years ago, I didn't know much about insurance. It was BRAVEday, especially Dean, who gave us the most helpful information."

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"BRAVEday never made a cent out of me... And yet right from day one, Dean has supported me. There's been nothing in it for him at all financially, but that's the sort of guy he is and the sort of company they are. It's not about the payment so much and all about looking after the customers. They've done a fantastic job. Wayne was introduced to BRAVEday through an accounting firm while in the process of buying a business..."

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"I was diagnosed with breast cancer two days before Christmas. Obviously this was devastating news, after finding a lump in my breast after a mammogram only 5 months before!

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BRAVEday has been my health insurance broker for the past six years. Over this time I have enjoyed a healthy, fit lifestyle.  However, two years ago I was diagnosed with moderately severe osteoarthritis in my right hip.

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"I would like to thank both you and Tanya for the outstanding support you gave me vis-a-vis the above claim, as well as selling the product to me in 2004.

You only get to find out how good your insurance cover is when you need to claim. The Sovereign Living Assurance Product is clearly a superior insurance product, and the money came in most helpful at a very stressful time. Your advice to take the cover as a standalone product was also excellent advice, as the payout has not had any impact on my remaining life cover.

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I have been meaning to drop you a line.  Jen and I have been very impressed with the BRAVEday service, there is a real intention to keep us updated and an ongoing recognition of us as valued customers.  Keep up the great work.

Geoff Devine, Director, Devine Consulting Limited

"As a result of a major change in the shareholding of my business I needed someone to review the terms and quantum of the insurance I held. Dean Young of BRAVEday was recommended to me by a client who had liked his approach and standard of service.

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Kevin and I would like to thank you for all your help and advice.  It has really been an eye opener for us to see how bad our previous broker was.  I will speak to my friends about your services.

Just taking a moment to say thanks for all your work, and patience. The level of service you provide is outstanding (and I will have no hesitation in recommending you) and appreciated.