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I purchased a home recently and discovered to my dismay that besides the mortgage, there were going to be numerous insurance policies to pay for in addition to my existing ones.  Whilst receiving the mandatory legal advice involved in such a purchase I was directed to Brave Day for the application and management of these additional policies.

After several meetings with Dean Young conveniently held at my home, we came up with a package that suited my needs and fell within my budget. A more patient and understanding man I have yet to meet! Thank you Dean and thank you also for the bottle of bubbly that turned up at my front door!

The new policies came into existence shortly after the property purchase in August 2010. In early April 2011 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Just over four weeks later, I received a trauma cover pay out of $80,000. My involvement in this claim was one meeting with Tania in Lianne's office and a questionnaire form to be filled out by a relevant medical practitioner. Having Brave Day manage my insurance meant that I could get on with the treatment and healing process without having to deal in unfamiliar territory with insurers who are experts in stand-over tactics when it comes to claim time.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the combined efforts of my legal advisor Lianne Meyer and Dean and Tania Young and their team at Brave Day.

My sincere thanks goes out to all involved.



PS - Apparently their services are complimentary or else they've simply forgotten to send me an invoice…