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What would happen to your business
if you had to defend a breach of a stautory act?


How would you cover legal costs, any fines
imposed, or penalties?

What is Statutory Liability Insurance?

Statutory Liability Insurance protects you, your business and your employees against unintentional breaches of statutory acts.  This can include fines, penalties and defence costs incurred.

Please note: in regards to the Health and Safety in Employment Act, the legislation does not allow for insurance to cover the fine, only the reparation payment and defence costs.


Why do I need Statutory Liability Insurance?

Defending a claim under a Statutory Act can be hugely expensive and most of the departments that administer these acts can't automatically settle or agree to a fine... most cases proceed to court to be defended.

If you were in this situation, how would you pay your legal costs and any subsequent reparations?


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