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What would happen if you could never work again?


Financially, this is the worst thing that could happen to you and your family.

What is Total Permanent Disability Insurance?

Total Permanent Disability Cover pays you a lump sum if you suffer an illness or injury that stops you from working again.

That's the thing that's amazing about BRAVEday, they took everything on, regardless of whether they'd done the policy for us or not, they were just helping me in every facet of what my husband needed in order to move forward...

…I wouldn't say we're swimming yet, we're still treading water, but at least we're not sinking.

I think we've been Dean and Tania's hardest clients so far because they've had so much to fight for, but they've just returned 150% effort for everything they've done.


Why do I need Total Permanent Disability Cover?

Imagine having a major event - whether it's an accident, illness, injury, or even mental 
illness and not being able to earn an income, for the rest of your life. Total Permanent Disability Insurance covers exactly this situation. It makes sense to spend a few dollars to
cover you and your family if anything prevents you from working for the rest of your life.

Do I have the right cover?

There are different ways you can structure your cover which will make a massive
difference to you at claim time.  We always recommend a 'Stand Alone' benefit when available.

When a claim is paid under a Stand Alone benefit, the pay-out does not affect any other benefits that you have i.e. if you have $500,000 Life Insurance and $200,000 Total Permanent Disability cover, and you make a claim, you receive a pay-out of $200,000
and your Life Insurance benefit will remain at $500,000.

With an Accelerated benefit, your Total Permanent Disablement benefit is linked to your Life Insurance benefit.  If you make a claim under your Total Permanent Disability cover, your Life Insurance benefit will reduce by the amount that is paid out i.e. if you have $500,000 Life Insurance and $200,000 Total Permanent Disability Insurance, and make a claim, you will receive a pay-out of $200,000 and your Life Insurance benefit will reduce to $300,000.


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