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What makes your business successful?


No doubt your employees are a key part of your business. Looking after them will ensure that they look after your business.

What are employee benefits?

Whatever the size of your business, you will already know what a great asset your employees are.  Employee benefits are employee-based plans that provide insurance
cover for your employees.

Most insurance benefits can be offered to your staff as a workplace scheme,

...The DDB Group prides itself on being a good employer. As such we are always looking at opportunities to enhance staff wellbeing, so when BRAVEday approached me, I thought their services could benefit our staff. Dean came to our offices and gave a short, but very informative and engaging presentation on what is usually perceived as a dull and monotonous subject...

Karen Sew-Hoy, DDB

What are the benefits?

The advantages to you (the employer) of offering workplace insurance to
your employees are:

  • increased staff loyalty and retention
  • becoming a preferred employer by providing a great flexible benefit
    that gives you the competitive edge
  • improved staff morale, by showing a caring attitude
  • can be used as an effective salary-negotiating tool, which can help to reduce pressure on salary increases
  • ensures key people are protected, which can help to minimise productivity losses
  • Reduce absenteeism, as staff can access healthcare quickly (for Medical Insurance schemes).
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