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Would your business survive if you were taken out suddenly?


Even if you could find a replacement person to step into your role, how long would it take to train them? What if it was your top sales person, or your 'right hand man'... how would your business cope?

What is Key Person Cover?

Key Person Cover provides money into your business to get it through a period of uncertainty if a key person is taken out by death, illness or injury.

This money could be used to:

  • Eliminate or substantially reduce debts
  • Replace any loss in revenue
  • Cover recruitment and salary costs
  • Cover personal guarantees
  • Protect against contractual penalties

Dean's service has always been professional, warm and friendly. His advice without a doubt is always in the best interest of the client. He explains things in layman's terms which is refreshing. He and his team are a pleasure to deal with and we would have no hesitation in recommending BRAVEday.


Who is a Key Person?

Potentially anyone who affects revenue.  A key person is not only you as the business owner but anyone whose loss would affect your business.  Any employee that you would struggle to do without (i.e. your sales person) could be a key person... each business is different.


Why do I need Key Person Cover?

Key Person Cover allows your business to keep running, even when you lose someone who has a big impact on revenue.  It could be your top sales person, or the admin assistant who keeps everything running.

Key Person Cover injects cash into your business to cover costs such as recruiting a new person, paying off debt, and meeting contractual obligations.

If you want your business to survive (and who wouldn't) it makes sense to plan for the worst.


What can I use the money for?

Anything you want... any insurance claim proceeds are paid directly to your company so you choose how best to utilise the funds.  You may wish to pay off some of your business debt, offer an above market salary so you can head hunt a replacement person quickly or cover lost revenue... it's your choice.


Example case study

Key Person


Will your business survive without you? Get in touch.

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