We take care of all the details

At BRAVEday our mind-set is 'when' you claim, not 'if'. It is the 'when' that all of our advice is based around. 

This is why, unlike other insurance advisors, we do all the legwork upfront. We take care of all the details so that nothing–no loopholes or missing information—will hold up your claim when you need it most.

"After an initial phone call to discuss my melanoma diagnosis you covered off all the paperwork needed to submit the claim, doggedly followed up with my doctor and specialist to ensure they made their submissions, kept in regular contact with AMP and didn't let up until the funds were sitting in my bank account. You took an enormous amount of stress and frustration away from me so I could concentrate on looking after myself and I'm very grateful for that." - Clare 


Award winning advice 

With several awards under our belt, including PAA Insurance Advisor of the Year, you can rest easy knowing that you, your family and your business are protected. 

"Working with BRAVEday has given us peace of mind in both our business and personal lives, meaning we can get on with what we do well. Regular reviews of our insurance structure means we have cover in place for our current needs." - Rhys


We fight for you at claim time

We're at our finest when you need to make a claim. That's when many insurance advisers run for the hills - we run to your aid. When things go wrong, we’ll be there, because our first priority is you 

"When your backs up against the wall, that's when you thank all your lucky stars that you are with BRAVEday" - Gareth Moore


Our successful claims record


Claims Statistics - Feb 2024