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Beth Taylor

That would never happen to me......

There I was 63 years old, still enjoying working, great health, beautiful grandchildren, good times travelling both overseas and in New Zealand...what could possibly go wrong?

And then on March 5th 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and the liver. I had never had a day off in my life, so this was a bolt that shocked me to the core.

A whirlwind of tests, scans, consultations and more tests happened like a blur and on April 9th I had my first operation to remove the tumour from my colon and, as I write this, the second operation to remove the tumour from my liver is imminent followed by a course of chemotherapy.

Although I felt quite financially safe, the reality of perhaps not being able to work again sure made my plans of perhaps working until I was in my mid to late sixty's suddenly threatened.

It was a very serious accident that happened to my brother in 2003 that initiated the conversation with Dean Young re Trauma Insurance. At that stage I was on my own, on a good salary and owned my own home but realised that if I was to have an accident or worse, a serious illness, I would be very vulnerable. My three adult children were either at university or travelling the world and definitely not in a position to help their mother!!!

Thanks to that conversation with Dean over 10 years ago (2004), I have just received a lump sum payout that enables both myself and my husband to sleep peacefully at night knowing that our financial future is intact. But perhaps the greatest thing is that it means that I can face the process that is associated with cancer without fear of financial worries, whether it be for three months or three years.

The process of receiving these insurance payouts has been very efficient and easy thanks to Tania and the team at Brave Day.

Beth Taylor