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Peter Elliott

I thought for many years that the cost of health and life insurance was high. Particularly medical.  I'd carp when the bill appeared every month and it felt like money wasted. I'm sure we've all felt like that.

Dean Young was recommended to us and his BRAVEday team helped us rationalize all the insurances for our family. We really appreciated his commonsense and his understanding of our particular circumstances - we are largely freelance contractors, and that can lead to 'peaks and troughs' financially.

BRAVEday looked at our overall picture, assessed what we could afford and what would give us the best plans for our needs. They looked at various providers, worked out the best company for each area and put it all together. They ironed out hiccups and solved issues simply and easily.

Once it was in place, of course, we gave this little further thought over the last few years, until a series of events caused us to need access to healthcare unexpectedly. And it was at this time that we realized just how valuable Dean's diligence had been.

Without his foresight, and planning we would be in very difficult circumstances indeed, with a severely reduced income, and some hefty bills that would have necessitated us looking at downsizing our family home.

To say that we are grateful for his insight, forethought and careful planning is an understatement. Today we are healthy, happy, in our own home, and the health issues a thing of the past.

It is true to say that we may never need access to insurance, but when we do - that lifeline is the most valuable thing in your life. We are eternally grateful to Dean and the team at BRAVEday, for giving us our quality of life back.

Claims and documentation were clearly, cleanly and accurately dealt with, and their care and personal attention made us feel very grateful indeed.

This testimonial was unsought, we heartily endorse BRAVEday - there is none better - because they helped us when we needed it - Brilliantly.


Peter Elliott & Family