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Like most people I viewed insurance premiums as a grudge purchase and had a preconceived belief that they would do all they could not to pay out when needed.  The true test of any insurance agreement is at claim time and my experience has been awesome, proving me wrong. 

I have been a customer of BraveDay for 10yrs and when that moment came that I needed their help, I very quickly realised why I needed an insurance advisor and why I paid those premiums.  During a difficult period in life, BraveDay supported me in every way you can imagine, most importantly they represented me in discussions with Sovereign/AIA, who were also amazing.  Don’t torture yourself by thinking you are wasting money and that Advisors and Insurance companies are fleecing you.  The odds are, you will at some stage in life be thankful for the service that BraveDay and your insurance company provide.  I can see that now!