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Ali & John

What we’ve learned from our recent claim experience is that it’s one thing having insurance, but another thing having the right people on your side when you have to make a claim.

It says on BRAVEday’s website ‘We fight for you at claim time’ and this is literally what Dean and Tania did. The insurers initially declined to pay our claim in full, but BRAVEday swung into action without us even having to know about it. They were able to get into the room with the insurers and convince them to reverse their decision and pay out our full claim. This is something we’d never have been able to make happen by ourselves, let alone at a time of stress and uncertainty.

Despite being insured, without Dean and Tania advocating for us the financial outcome of our claim would have been drastically different. It goes without saying that we’re incredibly grateful for the time and effort they put in to get us this result.

We also want to thank Dean and Tania for their help back in the days when having personal insurance just meant a big A/P every month. From the day they first took over our polices BRAVEday have taken time to ensure the policies were tailored exactly to our situation, that we understood how everything fit together, and that they were constantly kept up to date. BRAVEday’s guidance gave us the confidence to continue with our insurance even when it was a financial stretch for us - of course we are now incredibly relieved that we did.

The drawn-out period leading up to my diagnosis, and the diagnosis itself, was an emotional and psychological roller coaster. So finally, and no less importantly, we want to thank Dean and Tania for their genuine care and compassion throughout, which has made a huge difference to us. We feel very fortunate to have had them on our side at this time.