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Karen Sew-Hoy, DDB

"I am pleased to say that Dean and his team dispel all myths about insurance agents. There were no white shoes on display and you could almost say they  made insurance sound exciting! We didn't get a 'hard sell' - what we did get was useful information about what products were available and an offer to follow up individually if that was of interest to anyone.

The DDB Group prides itself on being a Good Employer. As such we are always looking at opportunities to enhance staff wellbeing, so when BRAVEday approached me, I thought their services could benefit our staff. Dean came to our offices and gave a short, but very informative and engaging presentation on what is usually perceived as a dull and monotonous subject.

Since that time, a number of our staff have met with Dean and his team and discussed their personal situation and what insurances would be right for them.  The service Dean and his team offer is unparalleled and feedback from staff has been so positive that we will be inviting Dean to come back and talk to other staff who missed the first session.   If you are contemplating providing a service of this nature to your staff, I can highly recommend BRAVEday - you won't be disappointed and your staff will thank you for it."