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Mr and Mrs Jones

"I have dealt directly with many insurers, and several insurance brokers, over the years and feel well qualified when I say Dean, Tania, and the whole Team at BRAVEday have always made insurance an easy undertaking for me and my family, right throughout the entire process.

From the outset it is obvious that Dean has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to product and pricing, but more than this the BRAVEday offer a level of client service better than any other in the industry I have come across - and I can say from first -hand experience that when the unfortunate requirement to claim arrives you realise how priceless this is.

Not so long ago my wife and I received the devastating news that she had Breast Cancer, there is obviously a lot of different thoughts and emotions going through your mind at a time like this, and whilst we were well prepared from an insurance stand point having put Living Insurance in place with BRAVEday some years earlier, the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with an insurance company.

This is where Tania came in and took control of the claim process for us, across a couple of different insurers, basically handing me the simple instruction of 'complete these questions, and we'll do the rest' - perfect. Thankfully my wife is now well down the road to full recovery, and whilst the claim funds we received will never heal the emotional and physical scars for her, I can say they were very helpful at the time allowing us to concentrate entirely on her recovery and not on any financial repercussions.

It meant we were able to seek out whatever treatment we thought was best for her, and wherever that might be, that we were able to hire home help to assist in caring for our young children, and it provided me the flexibility to take more time away from work - and make no mistake time is everything in a situation like this. If you're going to get insurance, get Living Insurance. Thanks again to the BRAVEday team for making the process easy."