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Shawn Henry

I have been a BRAVEday client for well over a decade now and they have always been there for me to answer questions, make suggestions and generally ensure that my best interests are being cared for in terms of my insurance.  The recommendations that I received from Dean when I first set up my insurance policies were excellent and completely tailored to my needs.  Tania has been an absolute life saver on many occasions (I am not very good at keeping track of the insurance I have…).  

In one of our regular check in’s I mentioned to Tania that I had received a pro-active heart stent (no heart attack, just a blockage).  I had assumed that because I hadn’t actually had a heart attack that my insurance would not cover that and/or pay out for that.  I was wrong.  Tania was quick to point out where in my insurance that was covered and provided me with the paperwork to get the claim into the insurance company.  She helped manage the process and very quickly the money was in my account.  She’s a bloody legend!

I’m happy to recommend BRAVEday to people who ask me where to go for a good insurance broker - Dean, Tania and the rest of the BRAVEday team are excellent.