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Dion Knill

20 years ago during a loan application, my bank encouraged me to take out a Life and income Protection Policy for myself and my partner. Despite the bank being remunerated for the last 20 years, the only contact I have ever had was an annual notification of an increase in premium.

This year their standard annual notification included a 35% increase in premiums, included in the communications were contact details of the banks insurance advisor, who on contacting, was unknown to either the bank or the insurance company.

Having previously experienced exceptional service from the Brave Day team I dropped Dean a quick message seeking his advice. Dean identified immediate savings, as well as other initiatives which could result in significant savings, essentially removing the 35% increase in premiums. It was also at this time I learned that these discounts should have been applied at the time the policy was taken out some 20 years ago with the bank!

The bank is like a GP, when you have a pain they diagnose you, and if required send you to a specialist. My advice to anyone with insurance needs is don’t go to a Bank, seek a specialist who will not only match your needs against the policy, but will also ensure for the duration of the policy that your needs and cover are constantly reviewed.