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At BRAVEday we are all about looking after our clients at claim time - it's what we are here for. So it was a heart-warming and proud moment for us when we received an email from one of our lovely clients, Gareth Moore, thanking us for our help with this claim.


Here is what Gareth had to say…

"When your backs up against the wall, that's when you thank all your lucky stars that you met Dean Young!"

"What an incredible company!  BRAVEday's pledge that THEY WILL BE THERE FOR YOU AT CLAIM TIME is no idyll boast, they really swing into action when you need them."

"It's fair to say without BRAVEday on our team life would have come crashing down around us in a very dramatic fashion."


Read Gareth's full story here.


"I thought for many years that the cost of health and life insurance was high. Particularly medical.  I'd carp when the bill appeared every month and it felt like money wasted. I'm sure we've all felt like that.

Dean Young was recommended to us and his BRAVEday team helped us rationalize all the insurances for our family."

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Peter Elliott

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