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What would happen if you were on holiday and needed urgent medical treatment?


How would you cover the medical bills?

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance covers you when you are on holiday overseas. It covers events such as medical treatment, lost or stolen bags, missing a connecting flight and rental car excesses.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

If you travel you need to make sure you are protected if something goes wrong. If your bags get lost or you miss your connecting flight it can ruin your entire trip. It can also be expensive if you need to replace the contents of your luggage or book new flights.

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Do I need Travel Insurance?

Along with a passport and bankcard, personal travel insurance is an essential part of any overseas holiday. This is because life, and travel­, is unpredictable–we've seen how quickly someone can go from a happy traveller to needing life-saving medical attention in a heartbeat. Just like what happened to Craig Nolly when a trip to Cuba took an unexpected twist that saw Craig in hospital undergoing life-saving surgery—and racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Luckily for Craig, he’d taken out a single trip travel insurance policy, so his finances were covered. But his provider did more than simply pay Craig’s medical expenses. They provided around-the-clock assistance to make sure he was safe and had all his needs taken care of.


A travel insurance policy can’t speak another language, give family members and travelling companions much needed support or arrange life-saving medevac flights out of far-to-reach places. Only people can do that, and only the kind who are highly trained and internationally connected.

"Not once did we have to pre-pay anything. Our insurer arranged payment for everything on our behalf, and also negotiated with hospitals in the US to take on a serious case such as mine.


The moral? Regardless of whether you choose to use BRAVEday or not, always get travel insurance and select the ‘comprehensive’ option as a minimum level of cover.

No matter whether you’re off on a quick jaunt across the Tasman, or on a round-the-world trip, things can unravel so quickly.

Protect your health abroad. Get in touch.

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